Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

This second attack gave President Johnson all the support he needed to escalate military involvement in Vietnam. The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution passed unanimously in the House (416-0) and had strong support in the Senate as well, with all but two of 90 Senators approving the resolution (Kenworthy, Aug. 8, 1964).

The resolution passed on August 7, 2006, and according to a New York Times article from the following day, "The resolution gives prior Congressional approval of 'all necessary measures' that the President may take 'to repel any armed attack' against United States forces and 'to prevent further aggression' " (Kenworthy, Aug. 8, 1964).

At the time, Pappy, along with the rest of the nation, probably thought LBJ was acting swiftly and with a forceful hand. Later, my grandfather and others would find out that this resolution passed under flawed information.


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