Thursday, May 25, 2006


Clay Stone here. This is my site. It's pretty neat.

Now I know the name Stone is common these days, but yes, I am famous. Well, sort of.

My granddad was this pretty cool guy named I.F. It stood for Isador Feinstein. If my name was Isador Feinstein, I'd go with I.F. too. Here's what he looked like. Some say we look different, but I think we have the same eyes. Here's a picture of me.

Well, Pappy (that's what I called him) was this amazing journalist. He didn't just accept what he was told, but rather dug deep to find the truth.

I think my favorite stuff he worked on was trying to uncover the truth about the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964. With all this fighting going on in Iraq, it's really got me thinking. The Tonkin fiasco really reminds me of the escalation into the Iraq War.

In this blog, I will be looking mainly at the Gulf of Tonkin incident and try to show what happened then and what has happened since. Was the event the perfect excuse to justify escalated military involvement in Vietnam? Did the U.S. provoke Vietnam in order to get Congressional backing to go into Southeast Asia? I'll also compare this to the Iraq War. Like Tonkin, did the Bush Administration look for an excuse to invade Iraq?

All these questions will be answered in the time to come. Stay tuned...


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